Mystery of church resignations

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MYSTERY surrounds the sudden resignation of six members of the congregation of Monigaff Church.

Some of the people concerned are long standing elders of the church but those contacted by The Galloway Gazette were being tight-lipped about their reasons for leaving the church.

The Minister of the parish, the Rev. Peter Aiken, was equally reticent to throw any light on the matter.

He said: “Six people resigned for personal reasons. Some older elders have resigned.

“Maybe they thought their time had passed.

“I am not at liberty at this stage to give you the story on this.” A member of the congregation who is not involved in the resignation crisis said: “No one seems to know what’s going on.

“But we were asked to pray for the new session clerk on Sunday.

“The minister wasn’t taking the service as he was away doing a wedding.”

Another parishioner who no longer goes to the church said: “This has been brewing for three or four years.

“There is a definite schism within the church, that’s why I left. It’s all very intriguing at the moment.”

A spokesman for the Church of Scotland said: “People leave their church to join another congregation for a variety of reasons. There is nothing unusual about that. The members of Monigaff congregation have chosen to do so for personal reasons. The Church of Scotland has no further comment to make on this matter.