Musings of a pig lady: Linda McDonald-Brown

I’m writing this on a friend’s laptop, as we haven’t had electricity for four days, since it began snowing on Friday. I have just heard there are 2000 homes still without power. Cut off, as Whithorn was for two days, and not having electricity was a novelty. Four days on, it’s different. The house is a fridge, we are running out of clean clothes and I am starting to stress. Luckily, we cook on gas so can still have hot meals.

Today, the fourth, I am relying on friends for a shower and computer. Our phone doesn’t work without electricity, so can only call on our mobiles if we stand outside in the bitter wind with our arm held aloft to catch a signal, and are camping in one room to keep warm.

This does make you realise just how dependent we are on electricity and how quickly we grind to a halt with a fall of snow. Yes, the blizzard was prolonged but this is nothing compared to Scandinavian countries, which experience this regularly yet still manage.

Many schools, despite the majority of roads been passable with ease are shut. Wigtown Primary is one of the few that opened on Friday, albeit for a short time, and Monday, so well done to the staff.

Whithorn was reconnected on Sunday but we are still waiting, despite being less than a quarter of a mile away.

The day before Wigtownshire ground to a halt, I went along to a Mumpreneurs meeting in Castle Douglas. Run by Gina Lawson, who owns and runs Gina Lillycrop Designs, Mumpreneurs is a group of mums who own a business or plan to start one. Anyone who has an interest in running or starting a business is welcome. Starting or running a business in this climate is hard, especially if you are a novice. Mumpreneurs give help and advice, and you meet likeminded people who might have connections useful to you. Everyone is friendly, so if this is something you think might be useful, contact Gina at