Music for Maxwell to mark CD launch in Parton Church

Musicians from Scotland and Slovenia have joined forces to highlight one of the greatest scientists of all time, a Scotsman who lived in Galloway.

James Clerk Maxwell, whose work on the nature of light laid the basis for much of modern physics, will be commemorated in songs and music – with songs he wrote himself and his own poems set to music.

The resulting CD will be launched tomorrow, Saturday 20 September in a concert in Parton Parish Church where he lies buried in the churchyard.

The CD has been produced by a group from Scotland’s science festivals, with Scottish Government support, to spread awareness ahead of next year when the world will honour Maxwell as 2015 is designated the International Year of Light. This will mark the 150th anniversary of his classic paper.Call John Simpson, Parton Church, 01644 470243 fro details of the concert.