Music festival may put Newton Stewart on cultural map

Mid Galloway is often left out of the running when it comes to cultural events, claimed a councillor this week.

Jim McColm spoke at a meeting of Cree Valley Community Council on Monday following a discussion on plans for a traditional music festival in Newton Stewart in July 2014.

Local hotelier Gordon Andrews said he hoped the council would be able to help the organisers with funding for the festival, which intends to feature events throughout the weekend of 4 and 5 July including two larger concerts.

He said: “I tried planting the seed for this many years ago and now someone has taken up the running so I jope it gets going and is something the town can enjoy for many years to come - but only if it can be helped financially.”

Councillor McColm said: “I’d love to see this flourish as there is some concern that Mid Galloway doesn’t feature highly when it comes to cultural events within Dumfries and Galloway.”