Museum visitor numbers ‘disappointing’

THIS year has seen disappointingly small visitor numbers to Newton Stewart Museum, although those who did come reported pleasure in their visit and they were impressed by the ongoing work with the collections.

As in past years, new additions were made. It is always interesting to get photographs from the past, and among those obtained this year were one of the Cree Mills sheep, three of Auchendoon House (for years missing from the collection of town buildings) and an early McMillan Hall that shows a look into Queen Street.

A delight for the custodians on duty is when someone arrives to ask about ancestors who lived in the town. One lady from the United States asked about a McGuffie forebear and we were able to show her the family gravestone in Monigaff kirkyard, to her delight.

The next meeting of the museum committee is on Wednesday, November, 28 at 7.30pm in the museum. Already two long-serving committee members have indicated their intention to retire from the committee, as has one office-bearer. Help is needed, so people are urged to come to the meeting or indicate an intention to get involved for a few years.