Murray is a magic attraction

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Mind-reader and escapologist Murray the Magician comes to Sanquhar’s splendid A’ the Airts venue on Friday, November 23, and The Mill on the Fleet on Saturday, December 1.

Murray, who lives in the region, will be touring North America for the second time next summer and Dumfries and Galloway gets to see this incredible show first.

Explaining the show Murray says: “This performance goes back to 1923 when Houdini was the international rising star, Wyatt Earp hero of the Gunfight of the OK Coral was still alive and mediums were all the rage. It is not your run of the mill show. No doves and rabbits; this is minds, chains, blindfolds and swords.

“You see impossibly strong mind-reading, incredible escapes and magic that has never been seen by modern audiences.”

This unique stage show has Russian roulette with Gallows, Murray’s mind-reading séance doll and his famous “Magic but Sharper” sword act.

For tickets call A’ the Airts on 01659 50514 for the November 23 show or The Mill on the Fleet for the December 1 show on 01557 814458 / 814647.