Mum’s plea for help

A mum has made a heartfelt plea for help after her son’s new bike was stolen during a visit to Dumfries and Galloway.

Deborah Gordon, from Keith, Moray, was in the area with 13-year-old Callum so he could compete at the Scottish Downhill Association mountain biking event at the Forest of Ae at the weekend.

In an email to the Gazette, Deborah said: “My son, Callum, is 13. He desperately wanted to start riding in downhill competitions but needed a full suspension bike. He delivered thousands of newspapers every morning to save up for his bike, which cost £1300.

“He achieved his goal earlier this year. The Forest of Ae event was the last race of the season. Callum lives and breathes biking and was so pleased when he had saved enough.

“His bike was stolen during the night on Saturday from outside our tent in the competitors’ campsite.

“He is devastated and cannot believe that someone would do that.

“It may be a long shot but we would like to make an appeal to the people of Dumfries: if they have seen anything, then please get in touch. The theft was reported to the police.

“This had been our first visit to the area.

“Callum saved so hard and was so proud of his bike. It is a Scott Voltage FR30, 2011 model, full suspension bike, white with black gothic-style writing and orange handlebar grips. “It is a small frame bike suitable for a 13-year-old.”

Anyone with information can contact the police or the Gazette on 01671 404768.