Mum led from dock crying after drugs jail sentence

A Stranraer mum was led sobbing to the cells on Tuesday after being jailed alongside her partner for dealing drugs from their home last May.

Susan Stout, 33, was locked up for six months while her partner David Yeaman, 30, faces a year inside.

The pair admitted dealing diazepam from their Coronation Drive home during a 10-day period, but their lawyers said they had been under significant pressure from a third party, who is yet to be dealt with through the courts.

The lawyers both spoke at length about the couple’s love for their children, with one adding that the drugs were kept in the garden as opposed to the house to avoid being found by their two youngsters, aged seven and eight.

Police received a tip-off about the dealing and found £575 worth of drugs at their home following a search.

Representing Ms Stout, lawyer Robert Fairbairn said her children were “level-headed, intelligent youngsters” which is “surprising for such circumstances.” He also added that background reports on the couple show a “bright, family picture”.

Neil Martin, representing Yeaman, said his involvement with drugs stemmed from his 16th birthday when his mother gave him cannabis as a gift.

He added: “He was trying to keep his family afloat rather than make a profit.” He said that the situation escalated quicker than he had expected, to the point where he was “almost relieved” that the authorities got involved.

Both lawyers also said that since their arrests, the couple have been working positively with local agencies to improve things.

Sheriff Kenneth Robb said he had difficulty letting the good family values outweigh the fact that the couple dealt drugs.

He said: “When put under pressure, you didn’t say no and going to the authorities. Instead you said yes, and perhaps when under that pressure you should have thought about your children instead of how to make money and pay off your drug debts.

“I understand that you are making progress with local agencies but this did not come voluntarily. You are a blight on this community, and the community is deserving to be rid, even for a small amount of time, of this blight.”

On her way to the cells, Ms Stout shouted: “I only did it for my children.”