MSP slams recycling change

Jim Hume, Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP for South Scotland, has accused the Scottish government of running roughshod over local decision-making by forcing Dumfries and Galloway’s Council hand on recycling.

Mr Hume said: “When the Eco Deco plant was opened it was hailed as a value for money solution to recycling and landfill, with the added convenience of minimising the number of bins on our streets.

“That was true and it proved popular with householders. What’s concerning is that once again the SNP in Holyrood has run roughshod over local decision-making by effectively forcing the council’s hand to break a 25-year contract with Shanks and by imposing a new waste collection model on the administration.

“The council will now incur £24.5 million capital costs at waste management centres, nearly £4 million capital costs of new waste trucks and multiple bins, and not to mention an estimated yearly shortfall in revenue costs of £422,000 from 2015-16.

“How Dumfries and Galloway meets its recycling targets in the future will depend largely on the public information campaign running alongside the new arrangements, but I fear this change has already met with huge public opposition and efforts to engage communities will have to be immense for the region to meet its targets.

“It’s another costly exercise for the council to bear.”