MSP slams council’s planning system over wind farm

MSP Alex Fergusson has called for the planning process for Mayfield wind farm, near Kirkcudbright, to be postponed.

He slammed the council’s planning I.T. system, which has been to blame for a lengthy delay in relevant information being available online and says the application process should now be halted.

He added: “All 32 local authorities in Scotland have worked with the same I.T. system which was commissioned by the Scottish Government and rolled out in 2006-07.

“For some extraordinary reason, it seems that the system has failed in relation to the Mayfield application only and that, as a result, information that would normally be available to interested parties no longer is. This has now been the case for over six weeks. Given the high degree of local interest in this application, I therefore believe it would only be right to delay consideration of the application for the length of time that the I.T. system has been out of action, and I have written to the head of planning at Dumfries and Galloway Council to ask that he look into my request as a matter of some urgency.”

Community Windpower Ltd applied for the six-turbine site at Barcloy Hill, which lies 3.2k from Rhonehouse and 2.4k from Tongland.

The company said they will pay £102,000 per annum for the lifetime of the project (tyically 25 years) for community benefits, which would total £2.55 million being donated to the Community Benefit Fund which will be split 50:50 between ‘Windfarn Host Communities’ and a ‘Region Wide Fund’.

More details on the Framework are available from Dumfries and Galloway Council.