MSP secures DGHP commitment on Dick’s Hill regeneration

Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has secured a commitment from DGHP that work will begin on the completion of the Dicks Hill housing regeneration project in the very near future, after constituents had raised the possibility that the project had grounded to a permanent halt.

Mr Fergusson said: “I am delighted that DGHP have not only committed to complete the housing regeneration project in Stranraer by building the further 33 houses that the plans included, but I have been assured that work will begin in the third quarter of this year: This will, I hope, bring a measure of comfort to those who are understandably concerned at the ‘bomb-site’ that currently dominates the landscape in this part of the town.

“I am also pleased to have been given a further commitment that Ashwood Drive will be completely resurfaced in a joint operation between DGHP and the Council. Again, work will start this calendar year and will be carried out in 2 phases, the second of which will be carried out at the completion of the house building phase.

“I am sure Stranraer residents share my delight that an end to this often troubled regeneration project is now in sight.”