MSP launches ‘yes’ campaign

SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Aileen McLeod addressed the launch event of Yes Wigtownshire in Stranraer’s Ryan Centre on Saturday alongside the Yes campaign’s Dennis Canavan and Tam Dewar from Labour for Independence.

Speaking following the event, Dr McLeod said: “I was delighted to share a platform with Dennis Canavan and Tam Dewar in a truly cross-party approach to the big question of Scotland’s future. I also want to thank everyone who braved the weather to come and take part.

“In my view, the decision we will make on September 18 next year is a choice between two futures. Do we want a future that is shaped directly by the people of Scotland in a parliament they voted for which is 100 per cent accountable to the people of Scotland, and only to the people of Scotland or do we want our future to be shaped by a parliament in Westminster?

“The ‘yes’ campaign is going to explain in detail what we believe the consequences of those choices will be, and why we believe that Scotland stands to be a much better place with independence.

“It is going to be a positive campaign, concentrating on empowering people to make their own decisions. Saturday saw its launch in Wigtownshire and I look forward to a vigorous and positive campaign right across Dumfries and Galloway in the months to come.”