MSP calls on Scottish governemt to act on tail docking for working dogs

MSP Alex Fergusson
MSP Alex Fergusson

Galloway MSP Alex Fergusson has called on the Scottish Government to bring in an exemption from tail docking legislation for specific breeds of working dogs.

After questioning Ministers on the issue in Parliament last Thursday Mr Fergusson said: “Almost exactly one year ago, Glasgow University published results of the research into tail injuries amongst undocked working dogs which had been commissioned by the Scottish Government. That research, including a survey of over 1000 working dog owners, found that over half of undocked working dogs had sustained tail injuries during the 2013/2014 shooting season and that the docking of one third of the tail at birth would prevent the vast majority of those injuries.

“In the intervening year, during which many dogs will have suffered further preventable injuries and suffering, the Government has failed to act. In reply to my questioning, the Minister said that the Government’s response would be made public in the near future”.

“For the sake of those working dogs which continue to suffer because of this over-zealous legislation, I have called on the Government to introduce an exemption for specific breeds of working dogs in order to bring this unnecessary pain and suffering to and end”.