MSP calls for “common sense” approach to festival road closures

Dumfriesshire MSP Elaine Murray has voiced her concerns over the detrimental impact of Police Scotland road closure charges to festivals and gala days in the local area, by writing to DCC Rose Fitzpatrick, responsible for local policing in Police Scotland and by submitting a motion to the Scottish Parliament

A number of local people have approached Dr Murray to highlight the fact that Police Scotland are now insisting on road closures for community events such as local galas, parades and common ridings / ridings of the marches, the cost for which are passed on to local organisers.

Dumfriesshire MSP Elaine Murray said: “Police Scotland’s insistence on road closures and the associated costs are of concern to the organisers of our popular local events. Our gala days, common ridings and riding of the marches are historic events which are treasured by local people across this region. Police Scotland need to use a bit of common sense and ask themselves if these new road closures are really necessary to accommodate for community events. Local organisers should be supported and rewarded throughout the duration of local festivals by all members of the community – that includes Police Scotland.”