MP to speak at festival of politics in Stranraer

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Stranraer Politics festival takes place this Saturday, 26th March, with speaker including Mp Richard Arkless.

The event runs from 11am – 12:30 pm at The Fitba Club, North Strand Street in Stranraer.

Also speaking are journalist David Torrance, Jonathon Shafi from the Rise Party, Fiona O’Donnell, Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for the Scottish elections and Sarah Jane, Greens PPC for the Scottish elections.

Come and join in for a debate on what Scotland will look and feel like in the coming years.

The festival is delighted to welcome four of the most influential political thinkers and commentators in Scotland.

A statement on the festival website says: “The Scottish Referendum brought about high hopes for an open political structure. There is almost no civilisation in the world which does not bear the mark of democracy; yet some would argue that Scottish democracy remains a flawed, confusing and complex institution.

“The Scottish Referendum was a story of the struggle for democracy – of the endless striving for liberty, for justice, for power that has been the history of peoples everywhere and in all times. Some felt that was best achieved within a larger union while other s disagreed.

“But what now?

“How will the Smith Commission recommendations be implemented? Is Scottish democracy in a strong enough position to see off the threats to democracy of ISIS, the nuclear age, the microchip and how it impacts on our right to privacy, climate change and poverty?”