MP slams independence website for falsely using his details

The webpage supposedly set up by MP Russell Brown claiming his support to the Yes campaign.
The webpage supposedly set up by MP Russell Brown claiming his support to the Yes campaign.
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MP RUSSELL Brown has reacted angrily to his details being used on the ‘Yes Scotland’ campaign website without his permission and giving a false impression of his endorsement.

The website, set up to promote the campaign to break up the UK, has created a personal page for the MP with a photograph, description and contact details. Russell Brown says that this is “purposefully designed to deceive” by giving the impression he supports separation, and has described the use of his details on the website as a “scam”.

The website presents people who follow the Yes Scotland twitter account as supporting independence, regardless of their view and without their permission.

Mr Brown said: “I am furious that my personal details have been hijacked by the Yes campaign without my permission. This is scam and shows no one can believe any of the numbers of supposed ‘supporters’ the Yes campaign claim to have.

“I am passionately against the SNP’s plans for separation, and yet their campaign website has a whole page devoted to me with my photo and contact details. By featuring me on their website the Yes campaign clearly want to give the impression I am supporting separation. This is gutter politics and I want my name, photograph and supposed endorsement removed from this website immediately.

“To claim people support separation simply because they follow the twitter account is deeply dishonest and purposefully designed to deceive. Clearly the Yes campaign is trying to make out they have more supporters than they really do. This is the mark of how increasingly desperate the shambolic Yes campaign has become.”