MP slams court decision on its final day

Dumfries and Galloway MP Russell Brown has slammed the Scottish Government for putting its “obsession with centralisation before local justice” as Kirkcudbright Sheriff Court closes its doors for good this week.

The court closures tomorrow (Thursday) come as a result of the SNP government’s 20 percent cuts to the Scottish Court Service budget. The closure will leave local people facing a long journey as court business will now transfer to Dumfries and they will face a 27 mile trip.

Russell Brown MP said: “It is the SNP Government who is responsible for the closure of the Kirkcudbright court. No-one locally supports its closures except for the local SNP MSPs. By closing the court, justice will now be less accessible for local people as those from Kirkcudbright will now face longer journeys and have to pay more to see justice done.

“In general, the court closures do not help anyone but this SNP Government, who is obsessed with centralizing our justice system. They are closing local courts, they are targeting our local police service desks and there are still questions surrounding the long term future of the Dumfries Police control room. The SNP need to realise that we want our local services to stay local.”