MP says ‘no more contracts’

DGOne Leisure Centre in Dumfries
DGOne Leisure Centre in Dumfries

South Scotland MSP Colin Smyth has called on the SNP Scottish Government to call a halt to any new contracts being awarded to Kier Construction.

He claims the company, heavily criticised for the building of DGOne leisure centre in Dumfries, are now subject to an investigation following the recent fire at the Glasgow School of Art.

The MSP recently revealed that the SNP Government has handed over more than £180 million in contracts to the construction firm who are now building schools and hospitals across Scotland.

An independent inquiry carried out by Professor John Cole into the DGOne leisure centre concluded that, “the full responsibility for the defective construction lies with the contractor.

“It is a finding of the Inquiry that there were multiple failures on the part of Keir in relation to the management of the project, their approach to quality, their lack of supervision, their inadequate coordination and quality assurance of the design and construction work of sub-contractors, their employment of unskilled tradesmen, and their failure to deliver a building that was properly fit-for-purpose.”

Professor Cole’s report also stated the safety of building users was compromised as there was a failure, “to incorporate effectively, or to incorporate at all, essential fire-stopping throughout the building.”

Colin Smyth believes that there are too many similarities in the failures of DGOne and those that appear to be present in the Glasgow School of Art, and is now calling on the Scottish Government to halt any new Kier contracts.

The South Scotland MSP said: “It is morally wrong that the company who built DGOne is continuing to receive millions of pounds of public money. Safety was seriously compromised at the leisure centre yet Kier have never been held to account. It has largely fallen to the taxpayer to foot the bill. Meanwhile, as far as Kier and the Scottish Government, as concerned it is business as usual.

“Keir Construction have been proven to be at fault behind the botched construction at DG One and now their involvement in construction at the Glasgow School of Art is under scrutiny. It is certainly my view that Kier are not fit to be receiving millions of pounds to build schools and hospitals, and that the Scottish Government should call an immediate halt to any new Kier Construction contracts.”

Keir Construction declined to comment.