MP joins fight against puppy farming

MP Richard Arkless
MP Richard Arkless

Galloway SNP MP Richard Arkless met last week with representatives from Police Scotland, Stena Line, Dumfries & Galloway Council, the SSPCA, Trading Standards as well as local campaigners and councillors to discuss the issue of puppy farming.

The issue of puppy farms has been highlighted by the recent BBC documentary - ‘The Dog Factory’.

The meeting in Cairnryan was an opportunity to get all the interested parties around the table to look at this growing problem.

Richard Arkless MP said: “This was an excellent and very productive meeting. There is an enormous will to co-operate on this issue. Everyone present around the table wants to get to the same place – to stop the transportation and selling of animals from puppy farms.

“We will in the meantime be looking at three main areas.

“Firstly, we need to consider current legislation and how better it can be enforced.

“Secondly, we need to decide if there are any changes to legislation needed. I will be reporting on this but it already looks like there are some cracks needing filled.

“And finally we need to help increase public awareness around this issue and stop the public from wanting to purchase dogs which have come from puppy farms.

“From there we hope to establish a working group to focus on this issue but I look forward to meeting again in 6 weeks and to make continuing progress on this important issue”.

The group has agreed to meet again in six weeks’ time.