MP backs campaign to tackle heart disease

Galloway MP Russell Brown pledged his support for the “Don’t Fail on Heart Failure” campaign, which was launched in the UK Parliament on Wednesday.

During the launch, Russell Brown met patients and clinicians, before signing the ‘Don’t Fail on Heart Failure’ pledge, committing to support patient access to treatments and technology that save lives. The full text of the pledge is below.

Immediately after the reception, the Heart Failure pledge was delivered to the Department of Health.

Untreated, heart failure has a survival rate similar to cancer - and over a third die within one year of diagnosis.

NICE is appraising availability of ICD and CRT-D devices in January.

Russell Brown said: “Every year hundreds of people in Dumfries and Galloway die as a result of heart disease. It is one of the two biggest killers in our region, so I am determined to fight to ensure that local people suffering from heart failure get the treatment they need to live their lives. The implantable devices I saw at the launch have helped transform the lives of many people in our region living with heart disease, taken them from constant fatigue back into work. The NHS needs to make sure these life-enhancing technologies are available for all those who need them.”