Mountain Rescue find missing walkers

Members of GMRT during their search
Members of GMRT during their search
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TWO walkers who went missing last week were rescued by Galloway Montain Rescue Team in dense forest.

In the evening of last Wednesday, Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary were initially contacted by mobile phone by two local men aged 18 and 20, who had set off walking in Disdow Wood before venturing into Glengap Forest. Officers contacted GMRT at 9.45pm who set out to search.

The walkers had become disorientated when darkness fell and were unable to find their way out of the dense forest.

Mike McCann, Team Leader of Galloway MRT said: “We had 16 team members out searching along with local police officers. Fortunately, using mobile telephone contact with the missing walkers, we were able eventually able to determine their approximate location and we concentrated our efforts in that area. Thankfully we found

them safe and well about 1.00am. They were totally lost, cold and pleased to see us.”

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