Mountain Rescue assist injured teenager

The mountain rescue team on-scene.
The mountain rescue team on-scene.

The Galloway Mountain Rescue Team was called out to assist with the recovery of a teenager who had become injured while out hiking on Saturday.

At about 6.10pm the team of 14 were scrambled to the Merrick footpath near Loch Trool after the young lady slipped, where they treated her before removing her from the site on a stretcher.

Ken MacKenzie, Depute Team Leader who co-ordinated the rescue said: “We had fourteen personnel involved in the casualty evacuation. The Merrick path is

rough and bouldery; very wet and muddy in places. Our casualty took a nasty slip and this unfortunately enkindled an old injury. She was unable to weight bear, so we had to administer pain relief and stretcher her off the hill to an awaiting ambulance.”

The casualty was one of a group of walkers intent on staying overnight in a nearby bothy before ascending the Merrick hill on Sunday morning.

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