Mother’s plea to Galloway candidates

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Candidates in the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections are being asked to commit their support to the 919 adults and children in Dumfries and Galloway living with type 1 diabetes.

They are being asked to back plans to help find the cure for the condition by signing the JDRF type 1 pledge.

With the third highest incidence of type 1 diabetes in the world, and numbers in Scotland increasing at a rate of around four percent each year – with the cause not yet fully understood - the pledge calls upon the next Scottish Government to commit more funding to support type 1 research.

It also seeks support to help fire up the country’s world-leading life sciences community to rise to the challenge of finding the cure.

Issued to candidates standing in the Dumfriesshire constituency by JDRF, the type 1 diabetes charity, the pledge also comes with a personal plea from Soenaid Anderson of Kirkcudbright, a prolific fundraiser for JDRF, pharmacist and ‘type 1 mummy’, whose daughter Maisie, 12, was diagnosed with type 1 in October 2014.

“As a family we cannot emphasise enough how crucial it is that this petition is signed by as many candidates as possible. Maisie being diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic means our daily life is challenging to say the least. For 24 hours of everyday we panic due to this life threatening condition.”

“Not a day passes without tears, frustration and down-right desperation.

“Unless you live with type 1 diabetes you will be unaware of just how complicated 24 hours can be. I cannot describe the relief some mornings after our many traumatic nights trying to control Maisie’s blood sugars that she wakes and smiles. The constant finger pricks, needles, smell of insulin, tears, fear, worry and lack of sleep. What’s worse is that all of this is nobody’s fault and could not have been prevented.

“If the Scottish government could support the ongoing research at clinical centres in Scotland and support all the fantastic work JDRF does funding this research to find the cure, Scotland’s research centres and diabetic clinicians could become the research “hub”!

“Working within the NHS as a community pharmacist contractor I am also VERY aware of the long term impact type 1 diabetes will have on the finances. If the Scottish government does the right thing and injects more money into crucial type 1 research, the financial benefits for the NHS in the future will be invaluable. Please I beg you from my desperate heart to sign this petition.”