More officers to have community roles

Police in Galloway are increasing the number of operational constables fulfilling dedicated community roles under a new structure.

Community officers will be more focussed on community business, such as attending community councils and area committees, responding directly to community concerns and working in partnership with schools, social work, housing and other agencies.

Police are to deploy the community officers to align with the local council area committee structures. There will be a Sergeant heading each team, overseen by two dedicated Community Inspectors, Inspector Gordon McKnight who will cover the east division and Inspector Stewart McColm who will cover the west.

Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Gary Ritchie. said: “Having this dedicated approach means there’s less chance of community officers being pulled away on other business elsewhere in the division.”

“I’m hopeful that they will become very familiar to people in the community and we are looking at ways to improve direct contact to the teams for routine, day to day community issues. We will publicise any new developments in this respect, in the meantime you can contact the Community Inspectors or the teams via the 101 system.”