More cash may be given for road repairs

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A Dumfries and Galloway Council committee is being recommended to allocate extra cash for road repairs.

A report to the Policy and Resources Committee next week provides an overview of the financial and physical progress of the agreed capital investment strategy for the current financial year.

Progress reports show it is currently indicated that net spending in this financial year (2013/14) will be £34.155m (98.4 percent of the approved programme).

A review of the programme has identified areas for potential slippage and the council’s Capital Strategy Investment Group has recommended that money unspent is reallocated to priorities where it can be fully utilised in the current financial year.

Councillors are, therefore, being asked to agree to reallocate £600,000 for road repairs. This would enable the council to carry out repairs where needed or where there are underlying structural weaknesses in the road structure.