MoD withdraws objection to wind farm in Galloway

The Ministry of Defence has withdrawn an objection to wind farm plans proposed at Knockendurrick, east of Gatehouse of Fleet.

Last November, an official objection had been made due to low flying training exercises regularly carried out in the area.

However, following a period of consultation on the specifics of the proposed wind farm and whether this would have any potential impact on military activities, the objection has now been withdrawn.

The plans for the seven turbine, 23.8MW wind farm were originally submitted to Dumfries and Galloway Council by energy company Banks Renewables in October 2013.

Colin Anderson, director at Banks Renewables, said: “This type of objection is not uncommon and we were confident it would be removed when we had the chance to fully discuss the MOD’s comments with a view to resolving them.

“This is great news as it will allow the council to move forward with their decision making process. There is a great deal of support for our proposals in the local community and we are hoping this planning application will be approved so we can start delivering the numerous benefits to the area.”

The company estimates that construction work on the site would inject at least £5 million into the local economy, while also creating meaningful job opportunities in the area.

It also added that an top of that, its “community partnership approach” to the scheme would see local people share three percent of the site’s gross revenue.

Colin continued: “It’s exciting to know that if it is approved, Knockendurrick could be live within two years and delivering real benefits to the local community.

“We are grateful for the feedback and support we have had from local people and businesses, who acknowledge the many, long-term benefits it will bring to the area at a time when public sector spending cuts are biting deep.”

Objections have been submitted to the plans from various local residents.