Millions sanctioned for roads upgrade

SNP Councillors this week recommended that additional funds up to £3.5 million should be allocated to the roads maintenance backlog across the region.

Councillor Alistair Geddes, who moved the proposal, said: “The region’s non-trunk roads network has suffered from chronic underfunding over the last number of years. The time is long past for action to be taken to address this in a meaningful way.

“The decision arrived at to ask the Policy & Resources Committee to sanction the use of the additional £3.5 million at least represents a significant step towards doing so.

“The SNP said at the time of the budget that we would seek the allocation of additional money to fund road repairs once the Council’s practices in this area had been reviewed. Part of the proposals today included ruling out the “patch and whack” and “patch and roll” methods in favour of repairs which will last long term.

“This demonstrates the SNP’s commitment to investing in the region’s roads and delivers another SNP budget pledge.”