Meerkat babies born in Kirkcudbright

The five pups and their parents
The five pups and their parents

FIVE baby meerkat pups have finally made an appearance following their birth at the Galloway Wildlife Conservation Park at Kirkcudbright a month ago.

The tiny pups, which only around 12 cm in height, are still being nursed by their mother after making an appearance from their underground home.

It is two to three weeks before the pups open their eyes and staff there are delighted with their progress.

John Denerley, the conservation manager at the wildlife park said: “The wee ones have started to eat mealworms, fruit and one even tried a locust. They are a big hit with the visitors to the park.”

He said that meerkats are active during the day and forage together as a group in the morning and evening, shading under bushes or underground during the hottest part of the day.

Twelve months ago a pair of meerkats were born at the park and were the first for four years.