McMillan Hall renovations costing “megabucks”

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The discovery of dry rot around the windows of The McMillan Hall in Newton Stewart will delay its re-opening until early 2015.

A report from council officer Karen Brownlie to members of the Cree Valley Community Council on Monday evening confirmed that the outbreak affects the three windows at the foot of the main stairs.

“Quite considerable” extra work will now be carried out including cutting back to one metre beyond any signs of rot in the surrounding area; replacing all six windows, internal sills, timber panelling to the surrounds and the wooden lintel which will be replaced with steel beams. New floor boards will be laid on the landing and all plasterwork, panelling, cornicing and finishes are to be reinstated and all areas will be treated to kill off any remaining spores. The extensive amount of disturbance also requires the entire entrance hall and stairwell to be redecorated.

Due to this extended closure the local authority will take the opportunity to carry out further works within the building which were not planned for, including upgrading the existing fire alarm system and a full redecoration of the main hall.

Mid Galloway councillor Alistair Geddes urged the CVCC to “follow the public pound” by finding out the financial cost of the extra work as the renovation of the hall seemed to be costing “megabucks”.

“This can’t be value for money for the council”, he added.