McLeod welcomes pay rise for NHS staff

SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Aileen McLeod has said the announcement of plans for a pay rise for NHS staff is a further demonstration of why the SNP is the party most trusted to stand up for Scotland’s NHS.

The NHS Pay Review Body has today made their independence recommendation for a 1 per cent fully consolidated pay rise for NHS Agenda for Change staff – a recommendation that has been accepted in full by the Scottish Government.

This will mean that once again NHS Scotland Agenda for Change staff will receive a better pay increase than their counterparts in England or Wales. Staff earning under £21,000 will also receive an additional pay rise to increase their pay by at least £300.

Meanwhile the Doctors and Dentist Remuneration Body has also recommended a 1 per cent pay rise for hospital doctors and dentists which has also been accepted by the Scottish Government.

A recent opinion poll showed that more people in Scotland trust the SNP to protect Scotland’s NHS than any other party by a factor of over two to one.

Aileen said: “The First Minister’s announcement that NHS staff will receive the recommended pay rise in full is fantastic news and is an important recognition of the incredible efforts that NHS staff go to on our behalf.

“The SNP Government’s determination to deliver for NHS staff stands in stark contrast to the situation south of the border. While the recommended pay rise is a modest one, it will mean that once again NHS staff in Scotland are receiving a better deal than their counterparts in England under the Tories and LibDems or Labour-run Wales.

“Our determination to support NHS staff in Scotland is a key factor in why the SNP are trusted more than any other party when it comes to protecting our NHS. “We will always stand up for what’s best for Scotland’s NHS and the hard-working staff who go to incredible efforts on our behalf.”