Mast plans unpopular

Wigtown Community Council were opposed in principal to plans by renewable energy company Ecotricity for a meteorological mast on land at Kirkdale Hill, near Carsluith, directly across the bay from the county town.

But the community council were aware they would only have a valid objection if it was on planning grounds and they were at a loss to find one to fit the criteria.

If planning is approved, the 80-metre high mast would be used by Ecotricity to gather information about wind levels for a period of two years.

There have been 60 objections to the mast lodged with the local authority planners and the application will now come before the planning committee shortly.

The same company applied for permission to scope in the same area ahead of lodging a planning application for their seven-turbine ‘California Wind Park’ in the same area. The CC had a case for a valid objection on planning grounds in that case, but Nick Walker said they were “wasting their breath” as no objections can be accepted at the scoping stage.