Mapping Wickerman’s past

PRODUCERS of a Channel 4 documentary depicting the difficulties facing paramedics during music festivals have left viewers wondering if southern Scotland has dropped from the map.

Party Paramedics, shown on TV on Monday evening, featured the Wickerman Festival near Kirkcudbright during its 2010 weekend, but the narrator placed southern Scotland’s biggest musical event as “outside Glasgow.”

The 20,000-strong crowd managed to find their way to the site, however, and the festival was shown in a much better light than some of its sisters further south, with only two mild ailments being covered by paramedics.

Jamie Gilroy, Co-founder and owner of The Wickerman Festival site said: “The Wickerman Festival continues to go from strength-to-strength, and we believe much of this success can be attributed to our wonderful location and the support we have had from Dumfries and Galloway residents from day one.

“As the only Scottish festival to be included, we were pleased to be a part of the Party Paramedics programme, although in terms of reference to location we are certainly further from Glasgow than implied!”