Many hands for light work

An appeal is going out to members of the community for help in raising Newton Stewart’s Christmas lights.

The job can take five full days and can only be acrried out on a Sunday - the town’s quietest day.

Chair of the town’s lighting committee Bob Boan aked for help from colleagues within Cree Valley Community Council with fixing broken lights and helping to hang them in time for the switch-on on November 29.

Each year, electricians have offered help with wiring the lights in and lending cherry-picker vehicles to reach the awkward high spots.

Bob said: “I’d like to see the shops in the town helping us out a bit. It all gets lumped on us andit’s a big job, I don’t think people realise how much is involved.”

Bob also suggested leaving the lights for this year and concentrating efforts on making a bigger, better display for 2014 but this wasn’t supported.

If anyone can offer help, they are asked to call Bob on 01671 403093.