Man jailed after knife attack on neighbour

A man who stabbed his Portpatrick neighbour in the side after sharing a drink with him has been jailed for 22 months.

Daniel Burns, 51, admitted attacking Dean McAllan on October 6 last year at Castle Bay Caravan Park. The court heard on Tuesday that Burns had arrived at the caravan of Mr McAllan, who was a fellow full-time resident of the site, in an aggravated manner following a dispute over wooden decking. Mr McAllan managed to calm him down and the two shared a drink before Burns turned on him with a kitchen knife and slashed a two-centimetre wound into his side. Another neighbour, David Nutter, had been called by Mr McAllan’s wife who tried to take the knife from Burns and sustained a cut on his hand.

Having been arrested, Burns was released on several conditions which he later broke and was rearrested.