Make sure you’re on Santa’s nice list!

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Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the Santa sleigh and neither would our community - that’s why Newton Stewart Round Table needs your help.

Last Christmas disaster struck and the Santa sleigh was stopped in its tracks. The trailer, upon which the sleigh sits, suffered a broken axle. Unfortunately the damage was terminal. They managed to carry on last year by borrowing a trailer. However, to add insult to injury, the Sleigh itself was badly damaged when it was lifted off of the old trailer.

However in August the Round Table held its second annual 10k run and Santa dash. The event was very successful and the modest profit they made, together with a donation from Garrocher Christmas Tree Farm, has enabled them to purchase a brand new trailer. However, the trailer needs a sleigh.

Paul Sutherland said: “We’ve been very fortunate that local tradesmen, Johnnie Johnston and David Inglis, have offered to give their time for free to build and paint a new sleigh. We just need to add electrics, lighting, speakers and a reindeer. We also need to replace our generator which is very old and very, very noisy. Help us and Santa will make sure you’re on the nice list this year!

We would like to raise between £600 and £1200 to pay for the new sleigh. The more money we raise, the better the sleigh will be. Please visit our crowd funding page at:

“We are really excited about getting Santa and his sleigh back out on the streets again this year. If all goes well it won’t be long until you hear sleigh bells ringing, Christmas carols anf the chapping of doors. Please help us continue this great tradition.”

Newton Stewart Round Table is a voluntary organisation with just six members. Every December they take Santa and his sleigh to each and every town and village throughout Newton Stewart and the Machars. The Santa sleigh is Round Table’s main fund raiser. It has been running for 33 years and in that time it has raised around £100,000. All of the money Round Table raises stays in the local community and is distributed to local charities and good causes throughout the year.

This year they have donated money to: A local ice skater to help her attend the national championships, Wigtownshire Day of Dance, Douglas-Ewart High School, Galloway Music Festival, Newton Stewart Pageant, Mini major twirlettes, Turning Point, Food Train Friends, Mountains rescue, Machars Area Partnership, Association of Wigtown Booksellers, Newton Stewart Traditional Music Festival, Dumfries & Galloway Befriending Project and the Galloway Hillbillies.