Machars climate proving popular with yucca plants

Linda Inker and the magnificant yucca in her Minnigaff garden.
Linda Inker and the magnificant yucca in her Minnigaff garden.
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It seems the rare occurrence of certain flowering plants as highlighted in last week’s edition of the Gazette may not be so rare in the Machars this summer after all.

We reported on Terry Donnelly’s 12-year-old yucca plant, which has come into bloom for the first time, and we suggested the warm weather may be the cause.

Since then, we have been inundated with reports from around the area of other flowering plants – some for the first time also.

Michael T Loose contacted us to tell us about a tree in the garden at the rear of the Harbour Inn, Garlieston, which has always thought to be a 
yucca and which, after at least 12 years, has provided a double flower which is proving popular with local bees.

Michael said: “The flower is uncannily similar to that which was shown in your paper of a yucca at Braehead.

“Our research, none least through the panel of Gardeners Questions – Radio Lancashire, proves that this wonderful flower is that of the Cordyline Australis, also known as the cabbage tree which is common from Ulla­pool and all stations west down to Cornwall but not a yucca, which personally I have grown but with a very different flower.

“To differentiate the plants, a simple tip from research is this: rub your finger down the leaf of the plant and if you require first aid treatment to stem your painful blood flow, then it’s a yucca. If you retrieve your hand unscathed, it’s a Cordyline!”

Geoff and Linda Inker, from Bower Drive in Minnigaff, sent in the above photo of their own yucca filamentosa also known as Adam’s needle).

Geoff said: “We’ve lived here for nine years and it has flowered twice but this year it is magnificent. The flower spike is over four feet high and dwarfs the surrounding plants. Who needs to go all the way to Louisiana?”

Another Braehead resident, Norrie McIntosh, mused over the climate of the village after reading our piece.

He said: “I have a yucca plant which has been kept outdoors at the front of my house (in Braehead) all year long since 1999. This plant has flowered every year for the past seven or eight years. It would appear that the yucca finds the climate in Braehead to its liking and is showing its appreciation by producing lovely flowers.”

And our story even made it all the way to Dumfries where the neighbour of Claire Ross at Laghall Court has a huge flowering yucca in her garden, which is flowering for the very first time.