MacAskill’s sacking came as no surprise, says MSP

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South Scotland MSP Jim Hume spoke this week of the recent Scottish Government cabinet reshuffle, claiming it was no surprise the Justice Minister was sacked.

He said: ““Kenny MacAskill has made a shambles of the justice portfolio with damaging changes to some of the most fundamental issues underpinning our justice system like arming police on our high streets and abolishing corroboration.

“It’s no surprise that he’s got the sack.

“Across South Scotland, scores of courts and police counters have closed, with fire and police control rooms relocated to Glasgow. The SNP’s obsessive preoccupation on centralising key emergency services has seen scores of local services ripped out of our communities in South Scotland, at the same time removing high value civil service jobs; a dangerous precedent in a region where every single job is at an absolute premium.”