Lucky seven rescued by mountain squad

Galloway Mountain Rescue Team search for seven missing walkers
Galloway Mountain Rescue Team search for seven missing walkers

The Galloway Mountain Rescue Team rushed to the aid of a family of seven lost on The Merrick near Newton Stewart on Sunday night.

Over twenty of the volunteer squad co-operated with the full-time emergency services to locate and lead to safety the party of visitors who had become disorientated in what was unfamiliar territory to them after darkness descended in the early evening.

The callout for the Team went out at 6.30pm and Sunday dinners were left to go cold as they headed to where the family’s location had been identified through a mobile phone/GPS tracking method plus helicopters using searchlights. The Team Leader, Ken McKenzie, told the Gazette later that they had found the family shaken but thankfully unhurt.

As his squad concentrate on saving lives rather than keeping statistics, he said he was unsure if this created a record for the largest group of people the team had rescued in its 42-year-long history.

He added that a couple of members had diverted to The Merrick to help with the operation while en route home from Aviemore where they’d been attending a conference - on mountain rescue!