Lost diver remains unrecovered

THE SEARCH for a 37-year old diver who went missing north of Corsewall Point on Monday was called off after more than six hours searching.

The Girvan lifeboat was launched at around 3.15pm in search of the Hampshire man, who is understood to have been part of an expedition of around six people from Ayr exploring a sunken wreck 10 miles northwest of the point.

Battling poor weather conditions and a lack of visibility, the lifeboat and its standard crew of six returned at about midnight after taking part in the search.

The crew was aided by the Campbeltown lifeboat, which arrived on the scene at roughly the same time as the Girvan team, and fishing vessels Argen, Kingfisher and Aquinis, as well as a Royal Navy helicopter from HMS Gannet near Prestwick.

They conducted several passing searches in the Ailsa Craig area, while the remaining divers also headed back into the water to search the wreck for signs of their lost companion.

The decision was eventually taken to call off the search at about 10.30pm. Acting second mechanic Colin Davidson of Girvan RNLI said: “Once you have done maybe two or three search patterns and covered the area quite substantially we had to just resign ourselves that we were not going to find anybody.

“If there was anybody on the surface we would have been able to see them, with the amount of searches that we did. The divers wear quite bright jackets so that they can be seen, but there was nothing at all.”