Loch still affected by acidity, study shows

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A STUDY into the effects of acidification on a loch nestled into Galloway’s largest hill has shown that it is still “chronically” suffering.

The Round Loch of Glenhead has been monitored for 20 years as part of the Acid Waters Monitoring Network (AWMN), funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs who recently warned the recovery process was threatened by the prospect of climate change, particularly increased winter rainfall and sea-salt laden Atlantic storms.

The programme was designed to monitor the response of acidified lakes and streams in the UK to planned reductions in the emissions of sulphur and nitrogen gases from fossil-fuel combustion sources.

However, SNH said rising nitrate concentrations were offsetting any recovery on the Galloway loch while sulphate levels remained above those that would normally be expected.

Along with University College London it has now funded the installation of special monitoring equipment to further study the situation.