Local solicitors urge region to make a Power of Attorney

Residents across Dumfries and Galloway are urged to make a Power of Attorney.

It’s a written document that lets you give legal authority to other people called your attorney, to make decisions on your behalf.

The Power of Attorney lists all of the specific individual powers you wish your attorneys to have.

Without a Power of Attorney family members may not be able to do things to help you or to act on your behalf, even if they are your husband, wife or next of kin .

Your attorney should be someone you trust, someone who knows what your wishes and feelings are such as a relative, friend, spouse / partner , or a professional.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss putting a Power of Attorney in place or would like further information on the cost please do not hesitate to contact Alice Da Prato at McCormick & Nicholson on 01671 402813 or email adp@mccormicknicholson.co.uk