Local lifeboat crews rescue stricken angler

HMS Gannett arrives to take the angler to hospital
HMS Gannett arrives to take the angler to hospital

The RNLI Kirkcudbright lifeboat ‘Sheila Stenhouse’ was launched last Friday to help a fisherman who had fallen from rocks near the Isle of Whithorn.

In the final week of a public consultation into the proposed closure of Liverpool Coastguard Centre, which uses local knowledge to co-ordinate rescues like this one and is set to be replaced by a central service in Belfast, staff waded in to reach the man before a helicopter took him to hospital.

The rescue operation is co-ordinated whilst passers-by and helpers look on

The rescue operation is co-ordinated whilst passers-by and helpers look on

Mr John Collins, Kirkcudbright Lifeboat Operations Manager said: “My crew informed me that this casualty would not have survived had he not been pulled clear of the water. A life threatening situation was avoided by the excellent work of the public, HM Coastguards, Kirkcudbright Lifeboat and HMS Gannet.”

The angler had become injured on rocks at St Ninian’s Tower and Kirkcudbright Lifeboat, HM Coastguards and HMS Gannett were all requested to attend the scene.

When the lifeboat arrived, the casualty was found at the bottom of cliffs having been pulled from the water by members of the public and two coastguard staff were already on the scene.

The lifeboat was unable to get close to the casualty because of rocks and rough water, however as the helicopter was still 10 minutes away it was decided to land two lifeboat crew to assist and the boat stood by at the scene.

The helicopter then carried out a swift double strop winch evacuation with the assistance of Coastguards and Lifeboat crew and the casualty was taken to Crosshouse Hospital in Kilmarnock where he has been detained.

• Liverpool Coastguard were also informed last Thursday that two people were in difficulties on the rocks on the Western shore of Loch Ryan.

Stranraer Coastguard Team were tasked and managed to locate the male and female casualties at Jamieson’s Point - but in an accessible position. Stranraer Lifeboat recovered the two people to the shore where they were met by a waiting ambulance. Both had been in the water and the female had injured her ankle.

Photos courtesy of Kirkcudbright Lifeboat.