Local contractor to build Glenchamber wind farm

Leading renewable energy company RES has awarded the main construction contract for Glenchamber

Wind Farm, between Glenluce, New Luce and Kirkcowan in Dumfries and Galloway to Luce Bay Plant Hire –

a family-run contractor based at Dunragit.

The contract, which is valued in the region of £8 million, will see Luce Bay Plant Hire complete both the

offsite road improvements for RES in preparation for construction starting on site and civil works for the

construction of the wind farm.

Commenting on the contract award Paul Nicolson, RES’ Construction Manager for Glenchamber

Wind Farm, said: “Glenchamber Wind Farm is RES’ first construction project in Dumfries and Galloway, and

we are extremely pleased to be able to utilise a local company. It is the first time RES and Luce Bay Plant

Hire have work together, but both of our companies have a clear appreciation of the need to deliver high

quality work to an agreed timetable, while minimising disruption for local people.

“During the development stage RES made a commitment to employ local companies and deliver inward

investment into the local economy during the construction and operation of Glenchamber Wind Farm where

there were services and supplies available to match requirements. As a company with a strong local

presence, we believe Luce Bay Plant Hire will help us to identify opportunities further investment in the local

economy but utilising even more local companies. We look forward to working with them to deliver a project

that will bring genuine benefits to the local area.”

Adam McIntosh, Managing Director of Luce Bay Plant Hire, added:

“We are delighted to have been awarded the contract for Glenchamber Wind Farm. Luce Bay Plant Hire are

based eight miles away from the project and this contract demonstrates significant investment in the local

area. I wish every success to all involved in this exciting project.”

As well as direct employment at the site, Glenchamber Wind Farm will have a positive effect on the local

economy indirectly too; for example through increased use of local rented accommodation, catering and

retail outlets.

Once the wind farm becomes operational, it will provide a community benefits package of £137,500 per year.

This will include a Community Fund to support local social, educational and environmental projects, and

RES’ unique Local Electricity Discount Scheme, which will offer an annual discount of £200 off the electricity

bills of properties closest to the wind farm.

Construction at Glenchamber Wind Farm will start during the week commencing Monday 9

th February and will take around 18 months to complete. The first section of works involves a programme of road

improvements which will deliver lasting benefits to local road users and visitors. Once operational, the wind

farm will be capable of generating sufficient renewable electricity to meet the annual average requirements of

more than 20,000 homes.