Lighthouse lamp shines again on display at museum

The lamp is moved to its new home
The lamp is moved to its new home
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A long-forgotten but hugely important piece of the Stewartry’s history was rescued from its dusty hiding place recently and moved to a new home in Kirkcudbright.

After 10 years languishing in a wooden crate, the Little Ross Lighthouse lamp is now in pride of place in The Stewartry Museum.

This picture shows the moment when all the staff were holding their breath as the heavy glass and steel structure was carefully moved onto its specially made plinth.

Little Ross is best known as the location where relief lighthouse keeper Robert Dickson murderedhis colleague Hugh Clark in August 1960. Ironically, a representative from the Northern Lighthouse Board was en route that very day to inform the keepers the station – and this very lamp – was due to become automated.