Lib Dem defeat sparks sadness at ‘loss to communities’

On the defeat of the Liberal Democrats in Scotland, South of Scotland MSP Jum Hume spoke of his sadness for his party.

he said after the results: “Scotland has lost liberal giants. Our Members of Parliament were local champions with powerful liberal voices who enriched the political debate of our country.

“I am sad for the loss to our party, to their communities and to the politics of our country.

“We can proud of many of our achievements in government. We brought stability, unity and decency in tough economic times. Getting the economy back on track and doing it fairly, the biggest tax cuts ever for workers, the green investment bank, big childcare expansion, big pension increases, ending child detention at Dungavel, a multi billion pound international budget guaranteed and more powers for the Scottish Parliament are just the start of a long list of achievements.

“We have an ongoing duty to the people who voted for us to promote liberal values. That duty is even important in the face of a Conservative majority at Westminster, already planning to bring back the Snoopers Charter that we blocked in Government.

“And in the Scottish Parliament, the job goes on with the centralising and often illiberal agenda being pursued by the SNP.

“It has been a body blow to our party but that over 5,000 new members have joined the party since Thursday gives me great hope.

“A year from now we have an opportunity to grow. The Scottish Parliamentary Election campaign starts today.”