LETTERS: Windfarms are destroying landscape

Until now my main objection to so-called windfarms is that they do not do what they say on the label, are costing we consumers a fortune and are damaging to the environment.

The visual aspect has always been quite low on my list. But Sunday, October 7, was such a beautiful day I decided to walk up Craignaw which I can now access from the forest tracks at the back of my house due to clear felling.

The walk was excellent and the vista from the top allowed me to clearly see the Isle of Man, the Mull of Galloway, Ireland and Ailsa Craig, with Argyll beyond. Unfortunately, this was ruined by the 110 turbines up to 500ft high of Artfield Fell, Balmurrie Fell, Arecleoch and Mark Hill windfarms.

To see Ailsa Craig sticking 
up from a forest of turbines made me want to weep. I 
could see every one of these turbines without even turning my head.

Unfortunately, this is only the start of the turbinisation of such a beautiful landscape as several hundred more turbines are in the pipeline or already approved for construction.

I would like to invite 
every one of our politicians to look at this view and explain to me why this destruction of our landscape is in anyone’s interest other than the developer and land owner.

Ben Palmer,

Borgan, Bargrennan, 
Newton Stewart.

No wonder the wind industry cheerfully boasts that windfarms are the best thing since sliced bread, and it is not surprising they can give landowners excessive remuneration for allowing wind generators on their land.

This despicable industry is being shovelled loads of money, coupled with access to a seemingly bottomless pit of cash by government. It is absolutely astonishing to realise windfarm operators were recently paid £34 million to switch wind generators off during periods of high wind.

What utter madness to pay out millions of pounds to windfarms for not producing any energy. I bet landowners add to their signatures “Please excuse the shaky handwriting” when signing a contract, for if this access to easy money does not get them excited, I guess nothing will.

But, as with everything in life, at the end of the day, someone has to pay, and it is you, dear reader, who “pays the piper” via your energy bill. It begs the question of why MPs, of all parties, are not vociferously calling for the wind subsidies to be scrapped. These honourable people are supposed to represent and protect our interests, so ask yourself what your particular MSP or MP is doing about this disgraceful affair, and are they worthy of your valued vote?

Dave Haskell,

Golygfa Frenni Fawr,

Newchapel Road,

Boncath, Pembs.