LETTERS: Pensioner feels driven to protest

I am a 70-year-old retired doctor and for the first time in my life I am going on a protest march (Perth, Saturday, October 20) to try to get our SNP government to stop the rape of our countryside with industrial turbine sites.

I beseech the people of Galloway to wake up and see that these eyesores are not efficient as we have been led to believe by greedy power companies and our government and we will still require back-up from other power sources.

Your electricity bills will not go down – they will increase.

Dr Angela Armstrong,

Barrachan Home Farm.

To quote the enlightened 
Dr Tom Smith: “Why do 
they call wind turbine sites windfarms?”

There’s nothing remotely pastoral about them. The use of “farms” is just a clever bit of PR by the energy companies whose sole interest is to farm subsidies. They are just factories. Approach roads are being blocked by huge trucks and the final tracks to the turbines scar the once-beautiful hillsides. These 400ft industrial machines devastate the landscape, the scenery and our peace and quiet. That is why those of us involved in stopping the outrageous Airriequhillart scheme – and as many others as we can influence – now refer to them as “industrial turbine sites”, or ITS. This usage has also been adopted by Communities Against Turbines (CATS), Scotland’s leading campaign group. Let’s tell it as it is. Please try to use our more accurate description in future.

Andrew Shiells

Barrachan Home Farm, Newton Stewart.