LETTERS: Nuisance of farm trucks

The recent market sales 
in Newton Stewart have 
simply highlighted the fact that this town is no longer suitable for such large amounts of traffic and cattle in the modern form.

The trucks passing through were so large that several cars were scraped and some residents met with abusive attitudes from local farmers for parking by their own houses near the market – specifically on Station Road where most have no driveways.

I was dismayed to see traffic cones lining the roads, yet cattle trucks merrily pulled up and parked without being moved on.

So, is it one rule for farmers and another for townsfolk?

Perhaps what we need is a developer with land and money to build an out of town market but that seems unlikely.

So, until then, how about we use common sense and reduce the volume of sales crammed into one day in this small town? Why not spread them out over a week? Surely this will reduce the stress on farmers, townsfolk and the cattle.

A Station Road resident.

In response to your recent article headlined “Police calling for patience from drivers”, perhaps the police could have a word with the driver of a vehicle who held up all the traffic from Dunragit to Stair Drive recently, passing two big lay-bys on the way.

Also, the driver of a wee grey Ferguson tractor who held up all the traffic from Stranraer to the Glenluce bypass on cattle show day – and enjoyed it.

I’d say 90 percent of farm vehicle drivers seem to greatly enjoy holding us all up. The harvest seems to last all the year round.

Name and address supplied.