Letters: Lorries are a hazard

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I feel compelled to write after spending a week’s holiday in your area last month.

We have holidayed in Dumfries and Galloway for many years and, as usual, enjoyed our visit. However, I was horrified by the level of heavy goods traffic and the manner in which they drove on the roads between Newton Stewart and Glenluce. From the signs and posters at the roadside, I assume many of these vehicles are part of a construction company building a wind farm.

I enjoyed cycling, driving and walking in the area but on two occasions I was nearly driven off the road in order to avoid a heavy goods vehicle driving so fast I feared it would not be able to stop in time. In addition, when I was cycling with my family at no time did any of the lorries slow down or acknowledge our existence. To ensure our safety, we were obliged to get off our bikes and stand at the side of the road while lorries rumbled past at speed. Our experience on the first two days put us off further cycling for the rest of the week and we decided against booking horse-riding.

I fear that, as the tourist season gets under way and the amount of pedestrian, vehicular and cycling traffic increases with holiday-makers and sightseers, this is a disaster waiting to happen.

At a time of such economic uncertainty, when tourism is the main industry in the region and many families depend on visitors coming to the area, somebody should be doing something to prevent this unnecessary hazard.

I will think twice before returning to your area again.

J Hampson,

Castle Court, Shap, Cumbria.