Letters: impact of unemployment

It is with total dismay that I read of the increasing number of people joining those who are already unemployed. The unemployment figures in Dumfries and Galloway continue to rise month after month with no sign of improvement.

This is not just a personal tragedy for the individual and families who are affected by unemployment but is a tragedy for the whole community as the economic cost impacts on all aspects of society.

To add insult to injury, this coalition government’s continued response to brand many of those who struggle to find a job as “scroungers” is disgusting. Perhaps ministers would like to visit Wigtownshire and show us all the job opportunities they believe exist.

Its time this coalition government and the Scottish government got their acts together and focused on our mounting jobs crisis instead of scoring points over dates for referendums.

Heather Meldrum,

Mid Galloway local government candidate, Scottish Labour,

Stellock, Monreith.